GrassLander is a place for farmers to share their sightings of Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark, and their unique field management practices. Participating farmers are diverse in age and farm-type, but have a shared interest in grassland birds and a common stewardship ethic. Whether you’re a beef, sheep, dairy, grain and oilseed, or even market garden farmer; if you have pasture, hayfields, open meadow, or native grasslands, or retired/abandoned fields, becoming a GrassLander partner is a great fit for your farm.

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A farmer, member-based organization, the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association  (OSCIA) delivers a diversity of initiatives that support on-farm stewardship across the province. With a long history of delivering species at risk programming to Ontario farmers and having developed a strong relationship of trust across the province, OSCIA is dedicated to continuing to connect agriculture, science, and conservation. GrassLander is one way to achieve this.



GrassLander was brought to fruition by a research and technology team. Dr. Colin Robertson and Lauren Yee (Wilfrid Laurier University), Dr. Brent Hall and Cameron Plouff (ESRI Canada), and Dr. Rob Feick (University of Waterloo) collectively created the design and data collection platform that makes GrassLander an effective and efficient tool for farmers and researchers alike. Funding for Grasslander is graciously provided by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the MITACS Accelerate Program.