Grasslander is not currently operating, we hope to have a renewed version available sometime in the future. Thanks for your interest.


Citizen science is when regular people contribute data to a scientific question. GrassLander was conceived by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association to provide an accessible and easy online platform for Ontario farmers to help contribute to grassland bird conservation efforts. 

GrassLander engages farmers as the on-the-ground eyes and ears for grassland bird research, recording sightings of the Eastern Meadowlark and Bobolink, two grassland bird species at risk. Farmers across Ontario are using GrassLander to track grassland bird activities and farming practices.

How does it work?

GrassLander is a convenient web map platform that is designed to be accessible to you. The platform is optimized for computer, tablet, or smart phone; even if you’re in the field, you can access the GrassLander web map on your mobile devices.

GrassLander will allow you to map your farm and fields accurately on satellite imagery. Once you have created your farm profile by mapping your farm property and fields, you can record your Bobolink or Eastern Meadowlark observations for each field, as well as the different field management practices that apply to each field throughout the season.

What happens to the information collected?

Worried about logging your information into a collective sightings database? Don’t be! All the information collected through GrassLander is secure. To protect the privacy of GrassLander participants, the data is aggregated and only you are able to see your individual information.

If you have specific questions about how GrassLander data can be used, please send your questions to OSCIA at


With the combined input of farmers across the province, we’re gaining valuable insight into grassland bird species at risk. By developing extensive observational data, we can help inform policy and programming through evidence-based decision making.

Contribute your sightings! If you farm in Ontario, and have pasture, hayfields, open meadow, native grasslands, or retired/marginal fields, you can record your sightings using GrassLander's convenient web map platform

Registering is easy! Fill out the registration form online. A unique GrassLander login will be generated for you and you can then create your unique farm profile.